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Lab News

December 2023: Congratulations to Duc Pham! Duc has received a Clara Mayo research grant from SPSSI!

December 2023: Congratulations to Utopia Su! Utopia has received the PCLB undergraduate research grant!


November 2023: Congratulations to Izilda Pereira-Jorge! Izilda was awarded a 2023 Mini Research Grant from the International Society for Self & Identity (ISSI).

August 2023: The LTP lab is excited to welcome Dr. Flora Oswald! Dr. Oswald is joining UConn as an Assistant Research Professor and will be working with Drs. Chaney & Garr-Schultz.

May 2023: Congratulations to Duc Pham on successfully defending his Masters Thesis! Keep an eye out for this great research looking at lay theories of prejudice and culture.

May 2023: Congratulations to Emma Parkes! Emma successfully completed her honors thesis in the LTP Lab and graduated with honors from UConn.

March 2023: Congratulations to Emma Parkes! Emma has received

the PCLB undergraduate research grant for her honors thesis.

February 2023: The LTP Lab enjoyed a successful SPSP

conference in Atlanta! Emma Wedell presented a talk on prejudice

confrontation styles, Duc Pham presented a poster on intraminority

allyship, Izilda Pereira-Jorge presented a poster on

organizational Pride statements, and Dr. Chaney presented a talk

on organizational diversity statements.

October 2022: Congratulations to Duc Pham on receiving a

SPSP Diversity Travel Award! Duc will be presenting his research

on intraminority allyship and discrimination.

August 2022: The LTP Lab is excited to welcome Izilda

Pereira-Jorge! Izilda is interested in research on allyship claims and lay theories of prejudice.

May 2022: Congratulations to DR. Andrew Cortopassi for successfully defending his dissertation! Dr. Cortopassi will be joining Rutgers University in August as a postdoctoral research fellow.

May 2022: Congratulations to Marley Forbes on graduating from UConn! Marley completed independent research in the LTP Lab and will be attending University of Maryland next year to begin her PhD training! 

December 2021: Congratulations to Emma Wedell! Emma has received the Clara Mayo Grant from SPSSI for research on perceptions of prejudice confrontations.

August 2021: The LTP Lab is excited to welcome Duc Pham and Emma Wedell! Duc is interested in research on lay theories and activism; Emma is interested in research on prejudice confrontations.

May 2021: Congratulations to Marley Forbes! Marley has received a SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fund) Award from UConn. Marley will be conducting research on perceptions of LGBTQ+ student groups during the summer.

Dr. Chaney, Duc, Izilda, and Emma at SPSP 2023 in front of a poster
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